Volunteer Instructions

Each volunteer location on the course has its own set of instructions.  Find your assigned location and click on the link in the table below.

Click on the maps to see the enlarged versions.




Link to Volunteer
Instructions (PDF)
1 Starting line Click Here
2 Molt and Buffalo Trail  Click Here
3 Water stop mile 3  Click Here
4 Buffalo Trail Turnaround  Click Here
5 Water stop mile 5  Click Here
6 Water stop mile 6  Click Here
7 Water stop mile 9  Click Here
8 Water stop mile 13.1  Click Here
9 Road guard mile 13.1  Click Here
10 Half marathon start  Click Here
11 Water stop mile 15  Click Here
12 Rimrock and 62nd Street  Click Here
13 Sam Sneed and Walter Gage  Click Here
14 Water stop mile 18  Click Here
15 Walter Hagen and 56th  Click Here
16 Rimrock and 56th  Click Here
17 Rimrock and 46th  Click Here
18 Water stop mile 20  Click Here
19 Half marathon start  Click Here
20 46th and Rangeview  Click Here
21 End of Rangeview  Click Here
22 Bike path to 38th  Click Here
23 38th Street to Poly  Click Here
24 Poly and Zimmerman  Click Here
25 Water stop mile 22  Click Here
26 Patricia  Click Here
27 Water stop mile 23  Click Here
28 Colton and 17th  Click Here
29 17th to Parkhill  Click Here
30 Water stop at 17th and Parkhill  Click Here
31 Parkhill and 13th  Click Here
32 Water stop mile 25  Click Here
33 Parkhill and Virginia  Click Here
34 Parkhill to 3rd  Click Here
35 3rd St and Ave F  Click Here
36 3rd St and Ave E  Click Here
37 3rd St and Ave D  Click Here


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